MONDAY 6th August

Ok, so, from the Pigs Nose to Plymouth to get some problems with the van fixed. The guys at Belgrave Commercials in Plymton, Plymouth got us all fixed up after calling them on the monday and we were on the road again by tuesday afternoon.

TUESDAY 7th August
So, St Agnes first we thought. We arrive there and have a good ol drive about to find many great music pubs. Amazing live music venues there. Sadly no room at the inn at a couple of them but we were welcomed in at the Peterville Inn fed and watered. Great food, nice pub.  Jolly good. Met a lovely chap there called Johnny, who helped us getting the gig.

Here’s a little rendition of Release using a backing track (which i hate to use really!) but in some sense it gives people a better idea of the sound i have…

Ate, played and slept in the car park out the back of the pub.

WEDNESDAY 8th August
Woke up first thing in the morning dying for a pee but we don’t have a loo on board so all a bit tricky for me. I drove up out of St Agnes and into the car park where there were public loos. I then went in search of a shop to buy some breakfast gubbins. The co-op wasn’t open yet so i went to this little newsagent where the guy behind the counter was cracking jokes over and over and making me cry with laughter. Really really funny. I filmed him so you can see him here.

Here’s some pictures of some of the scenery around st Agnes. Oh, and our supper!


We tried to find a campsite that would just have us for the day but they were mostly booked up and some were a little put off by the “only for the day” thing but we found a very nice lady who did have us and we spent the morning having a shower and a tidy up then left for St Just to play the Star Inn,

We arrived at Kevin Godden’s house in St Just around 6pm. Kevin runs a radio show which i did the following day, called Penwith Radio. A regional radio that serves the Penzance area. Kevin had insisted we go to his for “supper” so we did.

Following a really lovely dinner we all went down to the Star Inn to set up and play. It was absolutely rammed! Thanks to Kevin putting the word out no doubt. Lovely pub, Lovely people. A very old friend of mine called Dare came down too. Great to see him and his new lady.

So, I’d asked Kevin if there was anywhere nice to park up for the night and he sent us down this tiny weeny single track road for what seemed like for ever! There was no turning round once you’d started and i was constantly worried we had gone the wrong way but there was nothing for it but to carry on. Thankfully we had the right road as what we arrived to was so beautiful. Not being able to see much in the night we didn’t see it till the morning. We could hear the sea though and it gently lulled us all to sleep.

THURSDAY 9th August
Next day we woke to the most spectacular scenery. Right by the sea with cliffs right above us to our right, the sea crashing onto these amazingly circular stones (which are of geolocical interest) a river carving the valley in half and another hill on the other side. So beautiful. The sea was turquoise.

Jack and I had a wash in the natural pools of the river. Freezing cold water but really refreshing and enjoyed most of the day down there. Bacon sandwiches and a cup of tea for breakfast. What a view to have your breakfast.

Kevin drove down to see us to ask us if we wanted to play a gig at a place called The Studio Bar in Penzance that night which of course i said yes….

We then got ourselves together and drove back up to Kevin’s in St Just.

Have a quick sort out and try to get the blog done and upload videos etc. Jack in the mean time ringing ahead pubs and places where people have said we really must play and booking them in.

Then off to do a live session at Penwith Radio in Penzance with Kevin.

Great show. We always have a blast. I know Kevin from last time I was here.
After the show, jack and I go off to find a proper campsite so we can do some washing etc the following day and set up camp.
Then on with me glad rags and off the the studio bar in penzance.
Absolutely amazing gig. Brilliant sound and everyone there was really lovely. Thanks to all for looking after us so well.
There was a harmonica player there who started playing with me. What a player, thanks tony for a great session.
It’s a mad little place this. There are no signs on the wall outside for it, you just go through a garden gate type door, down a little alley, round to the left through a couple of doors and it opens out into a place similar to the 12 bar in london only like a barn rather than a sticky ol’ london venue. It is smashing place with a great vibe. Gotta get yourselves down there if every you’re in Penzance.

Taxi back to the campsite and a little chill moment with jack. The stars were amazing that night. Jack and I were gazing up at them thinking how lucky we were to be doing this, even though, believe or not, it is exhausting. Oooh i long for a driver and a tour bus!! still, we’re gazing up at the stars and i said to Jack his Godfather, I am his Godmother, is keeping a good eye on us (he very sadly passed away a while ago now but he was a great influence on jack with his dj’ing and everything in his life) and at that moment a shooting star shot across the sky. We both looked at each other and filled up a bit! Then gave each other a hug.

I love little moments like that.

FRIDAY 10th August
We stayed at the campsite all day and did our washing, more gig booking, more blogging (or trying to) more calls here and there, sort out the van, give it a clean and a hoover then another cab into penzance to play The Farmers Inn.

Great little pub and Taff and Nigel who run it are gorgeous. Turns out taff is great friends with Alabama 3, Larry Love, who i also know so I was welcomed with open arms. Alabama 3 do seem to always be in my life one way or another. They are a great bunch of people. All inclusive. Very glad to know them.
The night was actually Liam Jordan’s gig but he was happy for me to play too. Liam is a local lad and is a great talent. Keep your eyes on him. We both did a couple of sets each. Had a lovely natter with a few of the locals then hopped in a cab back to the campsite.
Jason the cabbie was excellent. He asked to listen to a cd of my music. We put it on his car stereo and played a few tracks then asked if he could buy a cd. We then bartered our cab fare for a cd. Marvelous!

SATURDAY 11th August

Kicked off the campsite fairly early, it’s like the check out in hotels. Funny i never really thought it would be like that! Don’t know why really. One can usually get a late check out at  a hotel but they were having none of it so Jack and I go down to lands end for a look about. In the actual lands end bit they charge a fiver to park to have a look around. No way we said, and went back to sennen which has an amazing beach. Here’a little bit of chat from me on that beach.

So, some noodles for lunch cooked on the little stove in the camper, a lovely walk about and then more phone calls internet stuff etc etc.
Then off to the station to pick up Simon, my hubbie from Penzance station who’s popped down for a couple of days to join us. Then to The Admiral Benbow again in Penzance for grub and to play.
When we arrive there all the bar ladies are dressed in burlesque gear!! How bizarre, had i known i would have dressed suitably but there was no time now. Ah well.
The food was amazing there and the pub itself was decked out like a ship inside! I mean it really felt like you were on a ship when you walked inside. Great place. Quite a few faces were there from the other gigs too which is always a nice feeling.
Sold some albums too.

Someone mentioned there was an amazing band playing at the Studio Bar, where i played the thursday before, so we popped up to have a look.
All i can say is brilliant. Loved the vibe, they defo got something going awn!
Here’s a bit of footage to give you an idea.

Then back in the van and up to Kevin’s again in St Just. He said we can use his gaff to stay in as he’s away at Boardmasters (a festival for all the surfer doods in newquay) Thank you so much mr Godden. You were so very helpful in so many ways!!

SUNDAY 12th August

Another day of moochin on the internet at Kev’s then we drive to St Austell to do a radio show at St Austell Radio with the lovely Sheila Vanloo. During that day i had a call from Jerry from Source FM too and he wanted us in falmouth the following day to record a live music session with them. So, word feels like it’s getting round!
Sheila is a great help to me. She’s always playing my music on her show and is such a great supporter. She also gave us lots of names of pubs, cafe’s etc to try for gigs. WHich we have since booked up! Yey,

Monday 13th August
11am at Source FM for pre – record. Thanks Jerry. Will be doing a phone interview with them soon.  Next episode coming on monday…

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