Claire Nicolson – Sing For Your Supper – Norfolk to Devon

Posted: August 6, 2012 in sing for your supper 1
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After finally sorting out the van to make it more comfy for two I set off for Reading to pick up wingman Jack. The journey had it’s miss haps but somehow lady luck was with me and we made it all the way down to East Prawle just in the nick of time for my gig.

8hrs driving. Some trouble with the law, problems with the van but we made it. No, I won’t go into it!

The gig was fabulous. I love the Pigs Nose. It is the most amazing place. Peter and Lesley who run it are diamonds!

When we arrived we camped in the field over looking the sea and found that that’s where all the best people were. Hung out into the wee small hours of the morning, checking out the stars and the moon through the clouds.

I heard a great tune that I love called Over and Over by Hot Chip and decided to go check out the gang of people who were playing it. Hung out for a bit there too then Wingman Jack and I decided we should get to bed.

I remember saying just as we were nodding off how nice it might be to hear rain on the roof of the camper and get that cosy, warm feeling of being dry while it lashes it down outside and by God did we get our wish! It felt like the heavens and the sea together were firing their watery gatling guns directly at our van. A bit scary at points it was so hard! The sun did finally come out. I’m all for making the most of it but gotta say it really does make a difference.

So we’ve just been for a glorious walk down to the beach. That’s where we recorded this little A capella version of Quiet Company.

Walking along the shore line lo and behold who do we bump into but friends of mine who used to live in London who now live in Cornwall and who I haven’t seen for YEARS. Bizarrely they were also at the party we were at last night but we just didn’t see each other.

Not only that but the people camped right next to us I know too. Marcus is a great guitarist and I’d asked him to play in my band ages ago but he was too busy. There he was in the very same field in the heart of Devon.

I’ve also just bumped into a few good friends of my sister Krissie’s too. Hmm..

So, I declare this field a magic field and the pub a magic pub and the people round here, simply magic.

Thanks so much for The Pigs Nose for having me once again!

Tonight? Well, we shall see. There’s a little jam session going on in Totnes so it’s looking likely i’ll be along to that.

Right now? As i write this? I’m sitting in my van overlooking the sea watching the swallows duck and dive and all the kids play with George.

Marvelous. Here’s some pickies for you….

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